A Day To Remember

It is every couples’ right to have a wedding of their dreams. With about a number of 21,191 registrations of marriages on the year of 2013, the country experienced an increase from the year 2004’s 18,095 number of marriage registrations. This certainly shows that people are still interested in getting hitched, even in times of modenity. However, it is more common in Singapore nowadays for the couples to tie the knot with a western-styled wedding than a more traditional one.

Regardless of that, a wedding is for a lifetime and the pinnacle of a wedding affair is the reception. Thus, the wedding reception will be something the couples and perhaps together with family and friends plan intricately, with personal touches and at times, painstaking details to create an unforgettable memory for the couple, family members, friends and the guests. To make it even unforgettable, a couple may decide to do a photography session to commemorate the memories they made and will make in the future as newly wedded husband and wife. Most of the times, the couple would choose to use the service of a professional photographer from a photography studio. A couple may choose to do either a pre-wedding photography shooting session, a wedding video or photography session, a post-wedding photography session or perhaps all of them.

Generally, the studio will offer an array of wedding photography packages; to suit the couple’s tastes. The studio may have a set of costumes that the couple can choose from, or perhaps the couple would bring their own – the latter is rather uncommon, though. Incidentally, some bridal studio in Singapore may offer costumes to be rented out by brides-to-be. Some may be foreign designer dresses or gowns, while others are from a more local designer.

A bride-to-be is expected to wear her very best at her wedding. It is understandable that she will go through an extensive rigmarole in choosing the perfect (by her definition) dress or gown. For those who have quite a tight budget to keep on with, there are services of bridal gown rental in Singapore and wedding gown rental in Singapore. It is much cheaper than to buy the whole thing, after all a wedding dress is not something one would wear frequently. Plus, monetary factors should not be an obstacle for a bride-to-be to truly enjoy her wedding or to walk down the aisle wearing her dream dress. After all, a bride is the leading light of her own wedding.

Being a bride and a groom is tough work. One will have to choose dresses, plan a memorable and sweet reception with an interesting commemoration to go with it. The stress and chaos may break some, but with love and patience, a couple will get through. Due to all of these aspects, one will have to make a very detailed and well-planned preparation to make one’s wedding a day to remember. In any case, a wedding is for a lifetime – but do not go overboard and be burdened by debt for that lifetime.

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