Amazon, UPS, FedEx Revenues Jumped, MediaOne Business Group Emphasizes the Importance of E-Commerce for B2B Business

Online retail has gained ground for the past few years allowing businesses to expand their opportunities to increase revenue. MediaOne Business Group provides businesses the opportunity to improve their web presence and ROI through its e-commerce services.

The success and continuing popularity of the e-commerce industry has prompted investors to expect shipping businesses and other industries to do well in the future. According to a report by Trefis, companies like United Parcel Services and FedEx Corporation have been moving up the ladder because of their online efforts. FedEx Ground’s revenues increased by as much as 12% to $2.78 billion with a 25% volume surge in Smartpost services and a 10% volume gain in traditional ground services.

(For more information on Trefis report: http://www.trefis.com/stock/fdx/articles/202490/just-how-important-is-the-e-commerce-boom-to-ups-and-fedex/2013-08-27)

While the impact on operations of e-commerce varies per industry, there is a reason why sites like Amazon and Alibaba have been receiving attention. People depend more on the internet to find the things and services they need than any other platform. Communities are becoming more tech savvy thus the shift in practice.

More businesses are realizing the increasing dependence of people on the internet. Many brick and mortar enterprises are investing on their online counterparts. Developing an e-commerce website is a convenient and cost efficient way to increase a company’s market reach and share. MediaOne Business Group provides e-commerce development services both for local and international enterprises.

MediaOne’s e-commerce services aims to provide the least production time allowing businesses to save more. E-commerce can assist companies in reaching out customers regardless of their geographic location. Businesses can process orders and accept payment just as immediately.

MediaOne’s e-commerce services include shopping cart development and management, design, image management system, shipping management support and creation of unlimited categories. The company can customize or develop exclusive e-commerce platforms depending on the client’s request and requirements – all of these for an affordable price.

At MediaOne Business Group, clients can achieve their business’ goals and objectives. E-commerce services also come with technical support and assistance.

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