Why choose us as your event company in Singapore?

Adrenaline: It is a hormone that is secreted during times of stress. This hormone increases the circulation of the blood in the body, breathing, as well as preparing muscles for action. Following its namesake, a Social Enterprises Company aims to provide the same effects of the hormone in event and creative agency sectors. In 2008, the Adrenalin Group of Social Enterprises was born, by our founders. Over the years and after handling numerous clients, Adrenalin has been working closely with their customers, aiming to deliver nothing but the best and what the client needs.

Your Partner with a Heart – Event Agency in Singapore

There are many event and creative agencies in Singapore. A number of them can come up and deliver in executing your plans to the events that you want to hold. However, there is one thing that sets Adrenalin apart from the other event agency Singapore. First up, we really try to connect not just with our clients but also their target audience for their events or campaigns, making sure that the message they wanted to get across are delivered from the client to the audiences’ hearts. This helps in making the events leave a mark not just with the target audience, but also the clients that are paying for it.

Helping Those In Need With Every Project

Moreover, we are tapping the help of our friends from the special needs community and various charity/non-profit and social enterprise sectors. This comprises roughly 30% of Adrenalin’s workforce, which includes deaf, wheelchair-bound people, even members of the youth-at-risk. Moreover, we also help our clients in cooking up events and campaigns that aim to communicate their message while also giving back to the community.

Worthy of Your Confidence and Trust

We at Adrenalin prides ourselves in being true partners for our clients. That is why we have been the partner of choice by our clients like 1Net, Crimson Logic, Deutsche Bank, Gatsby, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), Nanyang Technological University, and more. Because we deliver on our promise and we bring in results. This relationship we have without clients show our dedication to our commitment to you, our clients, and the audience that is important to you.  We promise to repay your trust and confidence to us with events and campaigns that communicate your message to your audience and leave a mark in their lives.

Together, let’s be the adrenaline that this world needs. Let us be catalysts for change that redefines events management and execution through creativity and doing well.

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