What to Consider for a High Pressure Hose

If you have heard of high pressure washers and cleaners, you must have also heard about high pressure hoses. These hoses are intended to accommodate the stressed and strains that come as a result of gas and liquid that pass through it under pressure.

What Is a High Pressure Hose?

This type of hose is reinforced according to its specific duty. It is also not recommended to have too much reinforcement for this hose or else it would have problems with flexibility. Different hoses are intended for different processes involved in different industries. For instance during chemical procedures, a Teflon lined hose will be able to protect against any chemical attack.

It can also be used in non-pressurized procedures and the most popular of these is pressure washing. This is where the hose transports water under pressure towards the surface that has to be cleaned.

Using the High Pressure Hose in Singapore

The high pressure hose when used as a cleaning equipment can be quite flexible and efficient. It can also be the option for those areas wherein the usual cleaning methods failed. This type of hose may also be used to reduce the use of chemicals in cleaning and to clean thoroughly for the first time.

There are also choices of accessories that can be added to the hose for it to perform multiple functions. Some of them are the following: rotating or fixed pencil jets, multiple jets, fan sprays, lower pressure spray that can be used for rinsing. You can easily find a high pressure hose that can handle a wide range of temperature ranging from 20°C up to 50°C.

How to Choose a High Pressure Hose

The length of the high pressure hose Singapore depends on the task you are going to undertake using it. If you have a longer and stand-alone hose, you may have to store it in a retractable hose reel to ensure safety and proper housekeeping.

You should also make sure that the hose you use comes with a maximum pressure rating that’s higher than the machine you use. If not, the machine’s pressure will be too strong for the hose.


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