Dissecting Photography: Is It An Art?

For many years, there has been the underlying question as to whether photography can be considered an art. Previously, a member of the Photographic Society of London argued that the technique used was too literal to compete with works of art.” It was also raised the photography did not “elevate the imagination.” The idea of photography as a mechanical recording medium has always lurked around. Regardless when it reached the 1960s or the 1970s, art photography was still not considered as such. In fact, it was still debated as just a “ghetto version” not really art in itself.

Nonetheless, for the past several decades, there have been significant changes in the way people take and present photos. Andreas Gursky’s photograph featuring the grey river Runer against the colorless sky sold at £2.7 million. It was a world record. This changed the way photographs have been considered. An image selling for as much now argues that the method can be considered an art. More importantly, more galleries have started hosting photo exhibitions giving more “art” value to captured images.

Photos now represent how people look at things. They are now considered as an alternative way to express a person’s interests including how they see the world – much like how painters draw and work with colors as to how photographers shoot specific subjects and under specific moods and lightings.

To certain extent, regardless of whether it is family or portrait photography, photographers now have the idea of how to adapt and mimic concepts much like how painters offer catalogue of things or subjects on their paintings. For instance, photographers can shoot painting themes such as landscapes, nude and still life.

Previously, it was impossible for photographers to capture moving objects. Cameras cannot process as much speed or adjust to the light. There are all in the past as modern technology now allows people to shoot at under different lighting and in different speeds.

Photographers have become artists in their own way especially with the tools and programs given at their control. A professional can shoot groups of people, moving cars and running people under similar ease provided they have the technology. These days, it is easier to access technology more than ever.

There is also that certain capability to capture things at a closer look. Pointing and shooting from high places or other parts of the globe have also become easier. Images of water underwater or in the wildlife are no longer just from a person’s imaginations but they can be taken out from the natural surroundings. This is art in itself as it provides people not in the actual scenery a glimpse of the experience. They may also be able to feel or sense the grandeur, awe or calmness the photographer felt just by looking at the framed photo. This coincides to the multitude of experiences people go through when looking at paintings. The type of emotions and thoughts, though, still rely on the person viewing the image.

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