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Extra essential features to look for in Accounting Software

Accounting software surely needs to have the basic functions that will make the whole system efficient, quick and easy. But it is necessary to look for some other features that will give you a convenience other than efficient system and program. There are other important features that should not be overlooked such as security features and the likes as you are still dealing with confidential data and imperative figures for the welfare and success of the business. After all, everything would be worthless if all the files are permanently lost and unrecovered.

Back-up Function
Keeping a record is one thing but keeping it safely is another. Along the way, there will be unexpected circumstances that might happen. These are inevitable things which we should be always ready for. The back-up function will redeem us from a lot of trouble when files are lost because of some technical mishap. It specifically copies and provide an archive of documents used when the original document folders don’t work.

Restore Function
Next is the Restore function. This is also used to protect important data from file corruption. Malfunction can sometimes happen. A business cannot afford to lose data since these records are also used to as supporting documents when filing required company expenses like taxes and such. This is usually vital when one fails to make a back-up file or archive of the documents.

Auto Back-up Feature
This extra function is a fancy but essential feature to secure that the files are safely kept despite the lost of the original folder of the files. It is particularly fancy since one doesn’t have to spare time in copying and pasting files from one folder to another since the files can automatically duplicate itself saving itself to another document archive for a back-up file folder.

Multi Level Security
Security should not be perceived an extra feature but an essential one. Confidential files should always be given appropriate security to help owners maintain the secrecy of the company figures. Through the multilevel security, figures and important data encoded in an accounting software is kept safe. People cannot easily access the data from the accounting software without the authorization or knowledge of the owner of the one responsible for the security of the data.

Data Management – Lock/Unlock Databases
This is similar to the security functions of the company data but with an extra feature of data management. Data management are now controlled with lock/unlock databases. This will help limit the people who can access important files and information.

Password Setting
Security functions is of course effective with the aid of passwords and other code based security features. Owners may set passcodes that they and the trusted people could only have to secure files. This is more helpful that padlocks or drawers in keeping files safe. Moreover, since accounting software are opened in programs, the best possible way to keep it safe is through passwords and codes.

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