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How Corporate T-shirts Helps to Improve Company’s Credibility

The credibility of your company essentially rests with what message you’re continually sending out to your audience. Two important things to keep in mind- your corporate message is impactful, and advertising is expensive. Consider the costs of using Social Media and other types of advertising; then consider further, that you are not in control of the different types of people who network your message. Corporate T-shirts have several obvious advantages:

– Your corporate message is displayed by only those people who are directly related to your business, reducing the risk of association by default.

– You completely control who wears the company logo.

– Setting aside the costs of the T-shirts, the advertising is absolutely free

– Walking logos are more than advertising, they are conversation starters

Using T-shirts to advertise has gotten so popular because, if nothing else, it is entirely effective. Anyone who doubts the power of T-shirt advertising only need to go where people are walking around and living their lives to understand it is not a matter of ‘if’ T-shirts are doing their job, but more, why people are mindlessly advertising for companies they care so little about.

Companies have been known to pay people to wear their logo shirts. The effect is really that good. Imagine your company is in the business of making high-end roller skates, and sends out a thousand T-shirts with your logo on it to skating rinks all over the country for their staff to wear. The staff members who wear those shirts are going to be mingling with skaters in their area who are going to see your company logo. Some of those people are going to be interested in looking at your merchandise.

Billboards can be an effective advertising tool, but they have their disadvantage of being locked in one place. They can only do what they were designed to do. You can take a billboard and light it up, make it blink, or spin in circles in attempt to get passers’-by attention, but we’re still a long ways away from making it able to get up and move around. T-shirts on the other hand can be seen by thousands of people in a given day, can be worn over and over, and best of all, can target a particular audience by means of wearing it among certain crowds.

Companies who allow their employees to wear a corporate T-shirt during business hours, either with a suit jacket, or without, have reported high morale among their workers. They also believe a certain professionalism is maintained when all of their workers are wearing the same shirt; and they can be sure that when their employees leave the workplace, their logo, message, or catch line is going to be seen on subways, taxicabs, grocery store, bars, restaurants, and any other places their employees might venture to before heading home. This is equivalent to having employees working overtime without paying them.

Many employees who wear corporate T-shirts say that everywhere they go people ask them about their company, as though business conversations just seem to strike up out of the blue.

Adding up all the data, corporate T-shirts sure look like smart money at work. Start finding an ideal t-shirt printing company to create an impactful t-shirt design and printing for your business today.

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