How SEO has changed over the last couple of years

Businesses all over the globe have been trying to find newer and better marketing tactics for decades and SEO has emerged as an effective, and most importantly cost-efficient online marketing strategy. By looking at the history of SEO, we can see what techniques have worked best for businesses and what mistakes we made earlier that we must avoid now. Following is some clarification of how SEO has changed over the last couple of years. Many SEO agencies are also constantly adapting to the changes in Google Algorithm to achieve better results for their customers.

Google Has Become More Important

Few years ago, Yahoo and AOL were kings of the online worlds and nobody knew Google; no doubt, this trend has changed and Google is now the most popular search engine with lots of influence on the internet and practices followed by online marketers and businesses. Interestingly, Google has been deciding the future of the internet and setting the rules of SEO for years. When Google changes its algorithm, websites change their SEO techniques and businesses change their marketing efforts accordingly. It’s like Google is controlling the SEO on its own and search engines like Yahoo and Bing do not matter at all.

Keywords Are Almost Gone

Although we cannot say (of sure) that keywords are gone but they are not influential on the overall SEO strategies as they were few years ago; now search engines are smart enough to differentiate between valuable contents and fluff. That means you need to focus your efforts on natural contents, instead of trying to embed keywords in them.

The Influence of Social Media

Although many social networks like Facebook and Twitter have been around us for decades but their influence on search engines and search results is not an old tale. Google was smart enough to get the idea of that dramatically increasing influence and that’s why the company developed Google Plus as a competitive social network. Although Google Plus failed and still failing but that’s a whole different story. Additionally, search engines will definitely balance out the importance of contents located on social networks and their authenticity.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Almost all websites and businesses which have seen the early days of SEO have practiced black hat SEO techniques one way or another because it was a common practice back then. Even now, many common practices are going obsolete because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing do not appreciate them anymore. One of the recent examples is “keyword stuffing”. This technique refers to using too much keyword in the contents in unnatural ways to show its high relevancy to the subject.

Mobile Devices

There are more mobile devices in the world than desktop computers. No one saw that coming and even today, many businesses are ignoring the importance of mobile devices that would ultimately result in reduced traffic on their website as a significant percentage of people use their mobile devices like phones and tablets to access websites. However, developing mobile friendly websites has become a standard practice nowadays.

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