Important Considerations in Corporate Gift Giving: What Makes Brand Awareness Possible

Using corporate giftscan boost marketing efforts but it requires careful planning and organization. Businesses need to understand the role their gifts will play to understand how best to incorporate them in the marketing mix. PPAI Research says that consumers are more inclined to accept gifts or promotional products from companies if they find it useful more than just purely accepting or their aesthetic appeal. This means companies need to align products properly to target groups to transform promotional gifts into valuable and useful items in the eyes of customers.

The first decision in corporate gift giving centers on the role of the item. What do you want it to be? Generally, businesses should look for a product that can help remind patrons of the brand constantly. However, they have to reconcile that idea with what people perceive as useful. Here are some marketing considerations when choosing the right items to give to people to enforce company image and brand:

  1. Advertising – business gifts offer a tangible reflection of the company’s advertising spending. It can be a useful and lasting advertisement on the part of the recipient.
  2. Sales promotion – gifts can also speed up the purchasing decision. Gifts can encourage people to look at the brand quicker and accept what the company is offering. According to a study from the University of Lincoln, people act faster or respond faster if companies give them a sort of reward or incentive. Businesses can get people to notice their brand if they provide gifts. It is a form of positive reinforcement.
  3. Public relations – business gifts can create enough awareness for the brand. They can impose enough impact to facilitate personal communications.
  4. Personal selling – giving away gifts is an excellent way to remind consumers of the brand or the company. Gifts also continue to serve their purpose long after they have been given. Verbal communication can be fleeting but concrete items like gifts have more recall power. The constant reminder can help businesses tip consumer decisions in their favor.

In order for companies to fulfill to take advantage of the functions of corporate gifts, businesses should be able to clear their objectives. Some of the common reasons include creating brand awareness, showing gratitude to customers, improving company image, promoting new service or product and motivating employees.

Business gifts are investments for companies. This emphasizes the importance of realizing where such act is based on. Gift giving centers on the reciprocity theory which claims that giving the recipient something creates a perceived sense of responsibility to return such act of “kindness” or “favor.” In corporate gift giving, companies should realize that the goal is maximize that theory without exhausting the perception of the recipients. The obligation has been created or encouraged strategically. The act of gift giving should not just give that sense of obligation but also convince recipients to continue the business relationship. This is where creativeness of brands will be tested.

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