Network Access Control: Electronic Lock and CCTV Security System with an edge

Technology has made the world smaller or rather more like a close knit family. However close we may be, a secure connection is always essential to avoid virus attacks and system breakdown. Likewise, however open we may be to business opportunities, we must never let our guards down. Rayguard Access Control offers reliable and secure door access control system and CCTV solutions by teaming up with UK’s leading manufacturer – Paxton.

Delivering the technological edge certainly gives a relishing twist to the integration of 3rd party software. This shows the versatility of Rayguard Access Control‘s solution. Most vendors have their own claims and trick of the trade. However, this is one of its kind and rare to be found. Credit goes to Paxton who had initiated it long before the partnership with Rayguard Access Control.

Net2 is Paxton’s software for the management of the network access control solutions. The twist here is Paxton offering Net2 CCTV integration with vendors such as Milestone, PELCO, Exacq Technologies, JVC, Onssi, Dedicated Micros, Vista and Mace. This technology allows customers to assign one of these cameras to the doors.

The common software for managing the network access control are Net2 Pro which is an enhanced form of Net2 software and Net2 Lite which is a simpler form of Net2 software. Customers may roll along with the option that best fits their requirement and budget.

The benefits of the systems and solutions offered by Rayguard Access Control are:

 5 years warranty that speaks volumes about its quality systems and the confidence Rayguard Access Control has in them.

 Easy to use systems that require minimal training that makes its solutions user friendly.

 Capacity to grow, meaning customers are free to add as many doors as they require in the future.

 Net2 software mechanism that comes with free upgrades and has no hidden costs or per seat license.

 Energy efficient or green products that earned Rayguard Access Control “Certified Green Products” by the Singapore Green Building Council for its Paxton range of products.

 Highly qualitative in their products offering such as vandal resistant and and weather resistant keypads.

 Technology savvy such as utilizing wireless security solution like wireless lock , ip camera Singapore and using phone as controller.

 Free software upgrades.

 IP ready controller.

 Long range readers.

 Free demo.

 Free training.

In Singapore, a number of organizations have recognized the quality solution offered by Rayguard Access Control. Examples of its customers are Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Park Royal Singapore, Sentosa Golf Club Gym and City Services Offices. Whereas Paxton, the manufacturer also boosts quite a track record under its belt with customers like My CRM Group, Graze, Portland Marina and Canoe England. With such accomplishments, Rayguard Access Control is soon to be catapulted to the international arena.

While the sun shines, make hay. Hence, while Rayguard Access Control is still on home ground, prospective clients are advised to get savvy with the network access control solutions.

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