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06 Mar 2015

Roses represent gratitude, love and appreciation

Urban flowers design offers meaningful gift and flowers for you to share the feelings of unity, and to foster a better ties among people in the community. Flowers and Gifts are often associated as precious things for people to embrace the little things you do. Flowers are the best gift

06 Mar 2015

Dissecting Photography: Is It An Art?

For many years, there has been the underlying question as to whether photography can be considered an art. Previously, a member of the Photographic Society of London argued that the technique used was too literal to compete with works of art.” It was also raised the photography did not “elevate

05 Mar 2015

Movies & Web: The Last Frontier?

Movie production in Singapore is a field with a lot of potential, especially even more after the introduction and popularity of the World Wide Web in the 90’s. With the broader bandwidths, faster internet speed and quieter connection, unlike the old ‘talkative’ dial-up connection when it was first introduced, the

03 Mar 2015

Ethical and Cross-cultural Issues in Giving Away Gifts: Understanding the Right Choices for Businesses

Corporate gift giving is as beneficial as how businesses make it out to be. Without sufficient understanding of its dynamics, it borders near the grey area. Differentiating between what are legitimate and bribery items is important for brands to take advantage of such strategy. For instance, the Institute of Business

02 Mar 2015

Glass Scratch Removal and Repair Systems Services by Chiaki Worldwide

Chiaki Worldwide introduces glass scratch removal and repair systems to its impressive resume in the field of commercial and residential first class restoration services. Using revolutionary break-through technology nowadays glass scratches can be removed with relative ease. Like most of Chiaki Worldwide’s procedures, the process of uses three steps to remove scratches from

25 Feb 2015

Network Access Control: Electronic Lock and CCTV Security System with an edge

Technology has made the world smaller or rather more like a close knit family. However close we may be, a secure connection is always essential to avoid virus attacks and system breakdown. Likewise, however open we may be to business opportunities, we must never let our guards down. Rayguard Access Control offers reliable