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16 Feb 2015

Just Simply Gifts: Harnessing the Power of Customization and the Internet

Most businesses in this era are willing to demonstrate flexibility to garner the most yields. As such, key word in today’s corporate world is customization. He, who customizes, wins it all. In a nutshell, customization means the ability to alter actual specifications to personal or desired specification which will produce

10 Feb 2015

The Importance of Photographs: A Glimpse Into the Past, Present and Future

Photos are important. They capture moments, expressions and relations unlike any other. They can document the time and moment for people to see in the future and in different times. Captured images remind people of events, other persons or the emotions that come with the place or scene. Photos can

08 Feb 2015

Singapore Luxury Property

Bayfront Ventures, a joint venture between World Class Land and Fragrance Group, has just launched City Gate, a mixed development project in Bugis District , with 311 Residential units and 188 commercial units. Surrounding amenities include the Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Arts and Science Museum, Singapore Sports hub as

08 Feb 2015

Important Considerations in Corporate Gift Giving: What Makes Brand Awareness Possible

Using corporate giftscan boost marketing efforts but it requires careful planning and organization. Businesses need to understand the role their gifts will play to understand how best to incorporate them in the marketing mix. PPAI Research says that consumers are more inclined to accept gifts or promotional products from companies

29 Jan 2015

Photography and Images May Be Better For You Thank You Think

Today’s technology allows almost everyone to access and record information unlike any other. The same goes for taking photos. People can take them any time they want regardless of their purpose. But what makes photos so excellent to take? Aren’t they just at the liberty or privilege or those who

08 Jan 2015

Tissue Advertising: Taking Advantage of Cross-Cultural Marketing to Drive Conversion

The rapid of growth of populations across the globe has been crucial in shaping new lexicons and marketing integration strategies. Previously just a niche, companies are now realizing the growing importance of population-specific but also cross-cultural marketing campaigns. It is no longer about traditional consumer groups rather organizations need to