The Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

3D printing or desktop fabrication is formed from powdery materials to create using digital 3D model. This is the best printing technology mankind has ever innovated so far. It offers the fastest production duration with the most exact specification based on provided set of 3D images. Whereas the traditional printing used ink and paper to create an article or written work on paper, the 3D printing used sand, ceramics, metal, chocolate and sugar, among the others material, to produce a new physical modelling ranging from accessories such as jewellery to prosthetic limbs and even complex machine parts.

In addition, the use of 3D printing technologies can help any companies or any organizations to make their own physical prototypes as well to make the end-use parts through digital manufacturing with a little budget and during a short span of times. As a consequent, many companies could turn their innovative ideas into reality as well to allow more people questioning why the things are design that ways and how to further optimize them.

3D printing is the most technology savvy printing method that has been forecasted to give high impact on several industries namely technical equipments, architecture, medical, automotive, consumer product industries, and many more. For example, an automotive engineer can just simply produce mockups of parts of his or her engine. Amazingly, almost anything can be produced with 3D printers. Soon, 3D printers will be taking over any of a product’s mass production, thus replacing the traditional production method.

Therefore, many high-value and high-end industries such as automotive, aerospace and medical techs has slowly adopt the 3D printing in their production as it use the application of rapid prototyping system that help to quickly created a scale of solid end-use part and manufacturing them through the use of 3D computer aided design (CAD) data. Furthermore, the 3D printers also bring benefits to others in improving the green environment by turning all varieties of unusable plastic into 3D printer filaments which is used to create figures, prototypes and other 3D printing needs.

In general, the 3D printer filament is an adrenaline that kept pushing the 3D printers to continue its productions. Thus, finding the right 3D printer filaments is essential for any companies interested in using the 3D printers to create their own version of objects. There are 3 popular types of filaments among the companies mainly PVA, PLA, and ABS which comes with its own perk and advantages when producing an object. Today, the rapid prototyping system that come alongside the 3D printer and 3D printer filaments are sold in the general market for anyone to use where they need to design verification and concept modelling of a product.

People looking to build up their own unique prototype or manufacturing the end-use parts could get help from 3DTectonix which provided 3D printing services which based in Singapore. The 3D printing companies also sell various products for 3D printing such as 3D filament and its spare parts as well some accessories, photo-booth services and prototypes or models.

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