How To Throw A Memorable And Magical Party For Your Guests?

roving-magicianMagicians in Singapore have an amazing talent of making a lasting impression in small spaces by keeping the guests gasping and laughing as this magic happens very close, right before their eyes.  So, if you have been thinking of arranging a magic show at the next party, this indeed is a wonderful way of breaking the ice or getting the guests excited for the rest of the evening events!

What is strolling magic and how it can keep the guests hooked?

Strolling magic is also known as a walk around magic or mingle magic. It is sleight of hand and close-up magic that is performed particularly for small groups at a time. Strolling magic is meant to entertain large groups of people in the absence of a stage. It is appropriate for banquets, receptions, and cocktail parties and anywhere where formal shows are not really feasible. An experienced strolling magician shows off the wonderful magic to make any event absolutely smashing! To ensure if all the guests are enjoying the magic, experts suggest strolling magic of about one hour for every 70-75 guests. If you have been wondering how it is, here’s it: If your invitees are seated, the magician will give each table their own, personal magic show. If everyone is mingling, then the strolling magician will come and mingle with all of them. Each table or each small group will get their personal experience of magic.

Perks of a roving magic show

An experienced roving magician‘s repertoire includes an endless combination of dynamic effects, reappearing and vanishing borrowed jewelry, changing notes of 30 to 100, and stealing watches off the wrists of unwary and so on. A roving magician can produce customized card tricks too. The other perks are as follows:

  • Roving magic performances can last for hours.
  • It is great for all age groups.
  • Multiple Roving magicians are also available.
  • The magicians perform specifically for small groups or at the tables.
  • All sleight of hand and close-up magic.
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