Tips in Choosing Stationeries as Corporate Gifts

As you pick among your options of Corporate Gifts in Singapore, it would be a good idea to provide a couple of stationeries for your recipients. There are lots of items which you can choose from, such as highlighters, pencils, lanyards, memo pads and notebooks, document files and many more. Consider the designs and materials which are available for you, so you could pick the ones which fit your company and partners today.


On picking among your array of highlighters

Did you know some top retailers can carry about 20 selections of highlighters? These come in different colors and designs. Some are even interestingly shaped in alignment with what a company stands for. For instance, if you’re a hospital or a pharmaceutical company who’s considering through a couple of gift ideas you can order the Syringe-Shaped Highlighter. You can check if the supplier allows for your company name or logo to be printed on the item.

If you own a Podiatry clinic, you can even consider a Foot Highlighter among your corporate gifts. For those who’d like to take on the practical route, they can consider pens with highlighters. These can be easily brought and used by their recipients during any meeting or a typical office day.


Check out your options on pens and pencils

Pens and pencils are among the most frequently used supplies in the office. If you’re considering a giveaway package of a pen in Singapore, you’d be happy to find how some are even available in 19 colors. Amazingly, top retailers even have 95 types of pens. These are created with different materials from plastic, metal, magnetic and even to ones with magnetic sleeves.


Keep pens and IDs handy with lanyards

As you’re considering to buy lanyards in Singapore, you’d be glad to learn how they come in different uses. You can purchase them as a company, so your employees can keep their ID cards organized. Your purchasing department can even check if the supplier allows printing on the entire lanyard’s string or lace.


Memo pads and notebooks

You can keep your employees or clients organized with the notebooks which you’ll provide as corporate gifts. Be sure to purchase your gift ideas from retailers which carry a huge array of memo pads and notebooks. This way, you will have a lot of designs or items to choose from. Some memo pads and notebooks can be in simple formats, while others can come with pouches. Others even allow for recipients to insert photographs into the notebooks.


Keep organized with a document file

Who says document files need to look boring or plain? By considering from a couple of corporate gifts in Singapore, you can pick items with different neon colors. Your files can even be organized into different colors. For instance, the green folders will store urgent paper works while blue ones would be for minutes of various meetings.

There are a lot of other corporate gift ideas which you can check out for your clients. Be sure to leave a lasting impression with well-chosen items today.

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