Tissue Advertising: Taking Advantage of Cross-Cultural Marketing to Drive Conversion

The rapid of growth of populations across the globe has been crucial in shaping new lexicons and marketing integration strategies. Previously just a niche, companies are now realizing the growing importance of population-specific but also cross-cultural marketing campaigns. It is no longer about traditional consumer groups rather organizations need to recognize the diversity of their target markets and shape approaches based on such.

New marketing models and approaches are now in demand to change organizational positions and encourage growth. This also sheds importance of coming up with strategies versatile enough to cater to the demands and interests of each group without losing touch of consumer rapport across.

Tissue advertising is in a position to drive business gains across cultures because of its role to all known consumer demographics. It is an excellent cross-generational promotional tool because of its usefulness to any target consumer group. It is not easy to find a tool that has a similar significance to all market consumers but tissue packs have that relevance. Regardless of the target consumer, tissue pads have the same use with similar access for all individuals. It is a one-stop solution but also as targeted as possible.

Understanding differences in culture offers businesses a change to develop more competitive campaigns for leverage. However, in order for companies to take advantage of this understanding, they have to find a tool that can serve the purpose for all markets without jeopardizing the message they want to relay. There are several advantages to considering tissue ads for branding and reputation management:

  • Highly visible – unless in isolated cases where access to basic amenities remain a challenge, majority of regions across the globe depend or use tissue packs for sanitary needs. Businesses can gain consumer access and reach in multiple areas including those specific to their prospective patrons. For instance, they can target families and children in amusement parks or academics and scholars in public libraries. Most public amenities use or provide tissue papers for customer use.
  • Highly versatile – tissue ads can come in various forms. They can also be tailored depending on the goals and objectives of the business. The decision relies on how companies want to present their information. Tissue packs can be tailored to look professional, playful or be in personalized packages. People can either use tissue pads for personal use or to give to other people for their use.
  • Expense saving – Tissue production is more economical than traditional forms of media promotions. They also spare companies from spending on man power since tissue paper can be left for individual access. It can provide as much reach for a fraction of a cost.

Advertising on tissue packs gives business a unique leverage to create brand awareness unlike any other. Most individuals exposed to tissue pads are either immobile or “bored” giving them the time to see and process messages projected on the paper. It is a total market approach that allows businesses to develop one marketing program that can reach all consumers effectively. While it goes against the notion of “not one size fits all,” it does have a highly versatile nature letting marketers create campaigns specific to their objectives with promise of high consumer conversion.

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