Water Filtration System provides several benefits from health to convenience. In fact, water filtration device of Blöndal provides pure and healthy water for every purpose. And filtering water is far more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than purchasing plastic bottled drinking water.

Blöndal’s water filtration device has a ceramic filter in the tank. It can keep filtered water clean and prevent secondary contamination. Ceramic filter can restrain propagation of the microorganism inside water tank and enhances sanitation. The company also adopts HEPA grade air filter to prevent secondary contamination something that we are a market leader in.

Basically, what makes Blöndal the best choice for all water filter needs is that they are expert in this field. And another reason as to why be that it is customized to suit local weather conditions. Different types of technologies will be required to manage the different natures of contaminants found in the water from various sources. A water filtration system will be effective only after going through customisation to cater to the different types of water conditions hence imported water filters, may not be suitable for water conditions in Singapore because different filtration technology is required to manage the water effectively in different countries.

Next reason is that it enables reduction of chlorine which is highly essential to all water filters. It is known that chlorine can be very harmful and has actually been linked to serious health dangers for humans. Research shows that chlorine can cause serious harm to foetuses, infants, children and even the elderly. It forms a reaction with other contaminants in the water, creating compounds that cause cancer. Reducing the chlorine content in water is the most important part of our water filtration technology.

Also, Blöndal’s water filters encompass self-cleaning nature. It is known that in an efficient water filtration system, contaminants in the water that have been filtered out need to be removed so that the water is safe to drink. If they are trapped and continue to remain in the filter, it will create a breeding environment for bacteria. When contaminants remain in the filter, they decay and they come into contact with chlorine, they form a reaction and start to create cancer causing compounds.

Lastly, the water filters of Blöndal are of compliance with the International Safety Standards. For the safety and health of all people, all Blöndal products have been tested and proven safe. International standard requirements like the FDA (Food & Drug Administration, USA), ISO 9001/9002 and the like are met.

The process of filtering water is complex and involves advanced technology. The materials, design, and media composition need to be perfect so that the filtration process can reach optimal level.When buying water filtration systems, be cautious of distributors or traders who purchase materials from. Be wary of trading companies going into water filtration as a business opportunity – buying materials from unreliable or untrustworthy suppliers and attempt to assemble the parts together together. They do not possess any experience or knowledge in water purification processes and do not have technical and engineering expertise.

Blöndal is the industry leader for its superior water filter technology, excellent service towards its customers and unique designs of its water filter systems that can be customised to every need. In fact, Blöndal products are the results of fine-tuning over 40 years of R&D and professional expertise in water treatment and filtration technology. They have been engineered and designed to filter all sources of water in Singapore.

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