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Why Hiring a Limousine Service is a Better Choice Than Renting a Car

Hiring a limousine in Singapore is not as extravagant as you may have been led to believe. Limos are replacing taxis by virtue of their safety and comfort, and are even rivaling car rentals in many cases.

The benefits of hiring a limousine service are numerous. There are not many drawbacks. If the cost of hiring a limo service is keeping you from enjoying this luxurious yet practical means of traveling, you may want to rethink everything you thought you knew about a limo.

Consider the many costs involved with a small group of people planning to attend an event such as a sports game, a concert, or other such event taking place in a city. The individual costs of traveling by rental car, paying for time-limited parking, trying to locate a parking space and driving around the city looking for the event is compounded by each member of your party that will be going. Coordinating a meeting place, worrying about the safety of your vehicles and sitting in heavy traffic as the event lets out are all factors involved in making the decision.

Now consider the amount of time and money that will be freed up when a limo driver picks you and your group members up from your homes. You have none of the worry of how to find the event, endlessly circling for a parking space, paying for the parking and leaving the rental vehicle in a location with little or no security. No walking across the vast parking to the event. You only travel in comfort and style until you are let out of the vehicle by the door of the event. With a phone call, the driver will be back to pick you up or arrive again at the appointed time. It is seamless transportation from your home and back again.

With a rental car, you will need a designated driver who will not be able to enjoy the festivities to the extent that the other members of the party will be able to. You may get someone in your party to agree to the terms, however, not all designated drivers are able to adhere to their word. Many of them begin drinking and leave their group in a real bind, with no other way to get home than to leave their rental somewhere and pay to get home, incurring additional costs for everyone involved.

Hiring a limo service eliminates this problem altogether, allowing each member of the party to do as he wishes without having to worry if their actions will effect others. Limo drivers undergo strict background and criminal checks and are paid to bear the responsibility for keeping you safe before and after the event.

One of the most appreciated differences between hiring a limo service and renting a vehicle is the ease with which a limo can be hired. Car rentals entail a lengthy paperwork process that can often end with your not being approved, depending on your credit history or financial status. Hiring a limo service is as easy as contacting them and arranging for payment. The difference between the two is often undervalued.

While every situation is different and every need may vary, serious consideration of hiring a limousine service should be a part of any travel arrangement. When thinking about saving time and money, you might just be surprised to learn what a limo service can do for you.

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